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Monday, April 19, 2010

PS3's summer 3D firmware update

Hey do you want to look like the family in this picture to your left? Well fear not, because you can if your a PlayStation3 owner. Come this summer Sony plan's to release an firmware update to support 3D. The update implies just to the games for now, but Sony was quoted saying they have plans to release support for Blu-ray movies later this fall. Good news I guess if your into the whole 3D hype. I for one think it's stupid, because you still have to put on the dumb glass to get the 3D effect, and second I'm not 5 years old anymore seeing how that was the last time I was ever excited about 3D. And I hate this stupid picture as much as 3D, and I wish this lame ass fade would just die already.


Dezmond Mitchell said...

I hate 3D = (

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