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Friday, April 9, 2010

5 things to love and hate about the Apple iPad

I recently had a little hands on time with the hottest electronic device on the market. Despite it's easily mock-able name, on April 3 2010 Apple launched the first generation WiFi only iPad. And according to Apple's CEO Steve Jobs they plan to release the WiFi+3G version later in April. In three days alone Apple sold over 300k plus units, so to call it a failure is a understatement. Reviews have been very positive for the most part, but you still have groups of people who flat out hate it. Instead of writing two different blogs comparing the good and bad, I have narrow it down to 5 things that will decide if you love it or hate it. I'll start with the five things I love about the iPad.

  • Its speed and fluidity. The 1GHz Apple A4 SoC processor is speedy, and like all Apple computers this little tablet is fast and powerful. The instant you tap on a program with in a few seconds it loads up, and the same goes for when your installing programs too. There are a few exceptions too this, certain third party apps like Twitter Deck and YouTube run a little sluggish, but I'm sure a simple update can correct this problem.
  • Good Interface. Because Apple designed the iPad from the ground up and build it around the touch screen, everything works perfectly together unlike other operating system that are not build for touch feature's. The Touch-based apps are brilliantly designed, and the right size for fingers. And clever touches like the wooden bookshelf for the iBooks app makes it very user friendly.
  • Applications. Not to mention the fact that you can play almost every app on the original iPhone. The iPad already has 15k apps available, and with promising app's like iBook's the sky is the limit to the different possibility.
  • It's beautiful display. The iPad's screen is bright, crisp and crystal clear. Whether your gaming, watching movies or checking out photo's it's the perfect device for it.
  • Battery life. The battery life (as claimed) by Apple is phenomenal. An Apple rep said " you can get up to 10 hours of battery life while surfing the web, watching movie and listening to music." And so far owners of the iPad agreed, and some claimed that they got an extra 45 minutes on top of the 10 hour claim before there battery die.
Now before you go out and buy one please read the five reason you might not want to buy an iPad.
  • Outdated fast. Is it me our does this look familiar remember when Apple launched the first 8 GB iPhone, and two month's later released the 16 GB version which was essentially better. If your one of those individual who bought it day one don't surprised when Apple announces a better version in the upcoming months.
  • No multitasking. Hey, do you want to download music and read one of your iBooks at the same time or how about write a research paper, and chat with someone on Face Book ?. Well fat chance, because the iPad can't multitask. So your stuck doing one task at a time.
  • Bad WiFi. Some many consumer are complaining on Forum site's about the junkie WiFi connection. Users are reporting fluctuating signal strength on their iPad's even when there are in WiFi Hotpots. iPad owners say even when they have a strong signal, performance is still poor. One user posted results from the speed test.net app both on his iPhone 3GS and the new iPad. The iPad download speed was rated at 1.83 megabits/sec whereas the iPhone 3GS download speed of 14.77 megabits/sec was more than eight times faster.
  • No USB Port. The iPad is a very lock down device only allowing user to use Apple base peripherals. Just in case 499$ wasn't enough money to waste you get to waste even more money buying Apple's expensive accessory.
  • Do you really need it. Before you think of buying the iPad ask yourself three question first. Do you have a smart phone? Do you own a netbook or laptop? And do you own a Kindle? If you answer yes to at least one of these question then for no reason do you need this 499$ device, because owning a iPad is like have all three device's but butcher to point where key things you need are missing.
In closing I quite frankly don't see a need for this product right now, because it's like own a bigger iPhone, but with less feature's. But who's to say there is no place in the world for it, with the correct adjustments I can see the iPad being juggernaut in it's own league.


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