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Sunday, April 18, 2010

Star-Craft Cheater : ~ (

South Korean authorities are looking into allegations of fixed matches, by professional players of sci-fi-themed strategy game Star-Craft. The game is developed Blizzard who is the same creators of World of War and Star-Craft which is enormously popular in South Korea. Star-Craft is so popular in Korea that, they have Teams compete in televised tournaments. Player's even receive coaching and sponsorship, and the Korean police believe some of these players accepted bribes from gambling websites to lose matches. Surprisingly, the Korean mainstream news hasn't discuss it at all, but the Korean Times Website said "the e-Sports Association has filed charges against individual players and coaches in March 2010". Just to give you a better understanding of how popular Star-Craft is in South Korean it accounts for 70% of sport activities in the county. A Korean spokesperson in the UK told the BBC "They have no official statement from the minster of cultural." But he did confirmed that the incident is under investigation by the police." The website Gamepron.com compared all this news to the 1919 Chicago White Sox (Black Sox scandal).


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