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Friday, April 9, 2010

Very smooth HD via VIA

Via takes the jitters out of HD media decoding.The independent Taiwanese chip maker VIA technologies claims the title, of best streaming HD available on a single nano chip. The Media System Processor VX900 will use VIA 3000 nano series chip processor's. VIA's vice president of their marketing department Richard Brown said " this will greatly improve the consumer's online HD experience". The 3000 series comes with Chromotion HD 2.0 video engine, which helps the hardware process H.264 codec much faster. Mr. Brown also claimed that the 3000 series has the power to render 1080p video without hogging system resources or use any other three party decoder for extra help. It accelerates MPEG-2, MPEG-4, WMV formats, and can manage Blu-ray titles in seconds. DDR3 system memory at speeds of 1066MHz is compatible and it has dual channel support for Display Porting of, HDMI, DVP, VGA and LVDS/TMDS. All this power packed in an 31mm x 31mm single nano chip,not even the Intel Atom is as powerful as this little baby. Makes you wonder why VIA has such little pull in the market place when it's obvious they make better chip's then Intel.


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