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Friday, April 9, 2010

Nintendo Would Be "Embarrassed" to Be in Sony's, Microsoft's Position

Nintendo’s fame CEO Reggie Fils-Aime had stern comments for it’s competition's Sony and Microsoft. Both recently announced motion based control Sony’s (dubbed "Move"), and Microsoft ( “Project Natal”). Project Natal was announced last year, but recently at GDC the “ Game Developers Conference” Sony unveiled the “Move” which looks eerily similar to the Wii motion control. Reggie is quota saying "I think we would have been embarrassed to do what our competitors are currently doing," Fils-Aime said to Kotaku, stressing that for Nintendo, it's of vital importance to innovate rather than follow. "So, all I can tell you is that we will innovate. We will provide something new. Something that the consumer and the industry will look at and say, 'Wow, I didn't see that coming. Also Reggie is the third person in the higher ups at Nintendo to confirm they have a Wii successor in the works. He also so stated that it won’t just be an HD based console saying “For us high definition by itself is not the next frontier. For us we need to provide a whole new compelling experience in our next generation," he continues. "When Mr. Miyamoto goes to Mr. Iwata and says, 'I have this great idea and I can't do it on the Wii,' that's when there will be a next generation console," he said. "What that includes we'll see. I think Mr. Miyamoto himself has said that he is very interested in a high-definition experience, but to be 120 percent crystal clear, HD by itself in our view is not enough to go for a new console past the Wii." What could all this really mean? maybe Nintendo is planning a 3D,and HD based console. Or is Reggie blasting of Sony and Microsoft a scare tactic, because they are catching up.


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