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Sunday, March 14, 2010

Intel to debut 6-core gaming chip

It’s was previously indicated during the Game Developers Conference in San Francisco on Wednesday that Intel had a little monsters in the work’s. That’s truly an understatement there’s nothing little about the first of it’s kind six core processor. The Core i7- 980X Extreme chip is based on Intel’s 32- nanometer processor technology unlike previously i-Cores that use the fatter 45-nanameter processor, this will boots speeds. Like all iCores the 980X feature’s Hyper-Threading technology that can handle up too 12 thread’s at once, and it’s not offered in previous generation Core Duo chips. Bar none the 980X is the fastest desktop out now, in a HotHardware.com reviewer said "Factor in support for AES-NI, Hyper Threading, and bump the shared L3 cache up to a cool 12MB, and you've got the makings of one seriously fast CPU." (AES-NI, or Advanced Encryption Standard New Instruction, is a technology for boosting security, available on Intel "Westmere" 32-nanometer processors). Motherboards that support the chip set are available from vendors such as Gigabyte (e.g., the EX58A-UD5) and Asus can take the new 980x chip. The first few glimpses of the core running graphic intensive Napoleon: Total War, and Crysis really shows why it’s best processor out. Intel said “ It’s designed to crunch through the most 3D-intensive games”, and with a price tag around $1000 just for the chip gaming box won’t come cheap. PC makers like Alien Ware Falcon Northwest, and Velocity Micro offer the high-end gaming boxes for little under $3000 for the cheaper models. So if you have the cash to buy it, you should be set for the next three to four years before you run into a program this CPU can’t handle.


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