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Sunday, April 18, 2010

Evil Google

According to popular opinion and statistical evaluations Google has become a powerful entity in the global scene.Google allows for the access of information in a nano second. From looking up basketball scores to searching for your home on Google Earth, Google enables it’s users to do just about anything.Google has become a global dominance on the web mainly through advertisements. Its position is growing and it has affected people and businesses like no other entity on the web.Google has become a major driving force in the information age. It connects mankind like no other form of technology. Google has become the master of information. It has become the vehicle behind advertising. With Google you can even look at current pictures anywhere on the planet through its satellites. Google also has a negative influence amongst many people. Google has been viewed by some as a negative aspect to life. Many people view Google as having to much power in regards to information. It is viewed as a way to spy on people due to its satellite ability. Also Google is viewed as having to much power. Google in many peoples eyes is a monopoly. It controls a vast array of information. Google is the search engine for most of the worlds population and it has a future that has yet to be determined.


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