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Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Epic Mickey Getting Graphical Overhaul

Wii exclusive Epic Mickey may be seeing a graphically overhaul this upcoming E3. The rubbery appearance presented in the first images of the game had disappointed many fans. And the creators distributed the originally concept artwork of the game; which gave a steampunk style to the world of Disney movies really let fans down. French website GameKyo reports that Disney haves plans to unveil the new visual style sometime during E3, but Disney has commented saying "it doesn't comment on speculation." But in other related news Disney said they want Epic Mickey to reach Nintendo levels of quality. Meaning something similar to Mario Galaxy a very beautiful and well polished game showing off the power of the Wii. Epic Mickey developers have also went on record reassuring fans not to worry too much about it despite the Wii lack of power compared to its competitor. But in till then you'll have to wait too weeks to see if any of this is true.


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