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Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Greatest Game Of All Time.


Whenever I hear the words GoldenEye I reminisced fondly of my younger days as an adolescent in junior high school. Coming home everyday racing to my friends Donelle’s house to get a spot to play. In retrospect GoldenEye change what first-person shooters were all about, and by far it's one of the best movie-based games ever created. Almost every aspect of this game is amazing; for starters the A.I was highly intelligent and unpredictable for it's time. Whenever I would encounter enemies immediately two guys would take cover shooting, while one guy ran for the alarm button. It doesn't stop there either in some encounter the A.I would run a short distance take cover and fire; then if you got within a certain distant of them they would get out from that cover and repeat the process. In a way it s kind of repetitive but for its time it was pretty impressive. Second, just the way the story float altogether it gave you the same adrenal rush as the movie did. Most of the time in movie-based games the developer throw in extra stage or add characters that weren't necessarily apart of the original story; it’s mostly stuff you don't care about, but it’s not the case with GoldenEye. The best and most Important aspect of GoldenEye is the multiplayer FPS were pretty much the same back in the day, but it was the way Rare implemented a user friendly interface with the playability to match that made GoldenEye a huge success. The huge assortment of weapons and stages to choose from the balance between catering to a hard-core audience and a casual was done to perfection. Anyone could just pick up the game and play it and be juggernaut or just okay at the game. So whenever someone started a match they could really specify what they want as far match types guns, and characters; at the time a lot of FPS did not offer this depth in playability.

The game did so many things right from the amount of characters you can choose before a match, the number of stages available. There was a real science to the game; the precision and accuracy of your shot all play a major role in whether or not you got a kill. The choice of weapons and even the character you pick all played a part and the placement of weapons it was truly a game of wits. I still remember all the nights I spent at Donelle’s house playing all the way until the next morning. Golden Eye was a game of its generation it came out at the right time to give people something to talk about, something to reminisce about later. A Nostalgic feeling comes about when I think of Golden Eye. It was more than a game it is a part of my history something I would tell my children about. Something that sets my generation apart from the rests, and you can look back on and smile upon behold this is what we had back then and we were damn happy and it's still fun to this day. Golden Eye is a game that should and always will be remembered by those who grew up on and it is by far one of the greatest games of all time.


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