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Thursday, June 3, 2010

25 Best Video Game Cameos (6-25)

Mikhail Gorbachev in Zangief's Street Fighter 2 Ending
In Street Fighter 2, When you take down M. Bison as Zangief, you're greeted by the splotchy headed former President of Russia. Ol' Gorby thanks Zangief for his fighting on behalf of the Soviet Republic. Then they do a traditional Russian dance. Yes, this happens.

Not only is Rockstar willing to tip their hat to Miami Vice as a source of inspiration for Grand Theft Auto: Vice City, but in the PSP game Vice City Stories, they go nearly wholesale and have you go to a Phil Collins concert to hear "In the Air Tonight."

The King of Pop was a huge video game fan, and apparently a SEGA fanboy. When shown a near-final version of Space Channel 5, he asked to be put in the game and "Space Michael" was born. His cameo in Space Channel turned into a full-fledged role in Space Channel 5: Part 2.

After his "Chaos Dunk" caused millions of deaths in Neo New York, NBA legend Charles Barkley became a wanted criminal on the outs with the law. When a second "Chaos Dunk" kills millions more, a framed Barkley becomes hunted by the "B-Ball Removal Department" led by one Michael Jordan.

Back before Bill Clinton stormed Washington D.C., he didn't fake the funk on a nasty dunk in NBA Jam. Bill and Hil weren't the only unlock-ables, which also included Al Gore, Scorpion, The Beastie Boys, DJ Jazzy Jeff and a ton of others.

Mario showed up in a slew of NES games, but perhaps his best cameo is as the referee in Punch-Out!! Too bad he sucks at keeping it clean and allows magicians to cast spells and drunks to spit their booze in Little Mac's face.

By Paul Furfari of 1up.com


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