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Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Obsidian Expresses Interest in Working on Chrono Trigger


Obsidian is teaming up with Square Enix to create Dungeon Siege III, but what if the studio behind Fallout New Vegas had a chance to work on one of Square Enix's classic properties? Siliconera posited that scenario to Obsidian CEO Feargus Uquhart, who joked that he would love to work on Chocobo. But thinking about it more seriously, he said, "If I could come across everything that I played I would have to go with Chrono Trigger. I think Chrono Trigger was one I really enjoyed.” Urquhart and lead designer Nathan Chapman went on to note some of the key similarities between Chrono Trigger and traditional western RPGs, such as its open-ended design.” There are lots of differences, like you can beat Lavos at different parts of the game and you get different endings based on that. There are obvious answers like dialogue trees and all of that good stuff. The seeds are there for that kind of development," Chapman said. The pair are also interested in the setting, which Urquhart described as a "is a weird mix of fantasy and sci-fi mashed together. “An Obsidian-developed Chrono Trigger remains purely wishful thinking on their part, but Square Enix has recently been farming out well-known properties to western developers. One example is Front Mission Evolved, which is an action-oriented take on the classic strategy franchise developed by Double Helix. Don’t expect Obsidian to take on Chrono Trigger anytime soon, but with Square Enix continuing to experiment and expand its brand, anything is possible.


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