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Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Gold Subscribers

Microsoft recently announced that half of the 25 million Xbox Live user account more than $600 million dollars in revenue from Gold subscriptions. Add up revenue generated by DLC, movies, and TV shows sales it looks like Xbox Live revenues topped a whopping $1 billion in a single fiscal year for the first time ever. That’s a lot of money and in an Bloomberg reports, Microsoft says that sales of DLC, movies, and TV shows exceeded the revenue brought in from subscriptions for the first time this year. This is big money Microsoft is talking about and if you combined the numbers of everything there generating revenue from it quickly exceeds the $1.2 billion mark. None of this can really be confirmed since Microsoft doesn't release detailed sales and revenue figures for Xbox Live. Sarah Frier of Bloomberg put her own estimate for Xbox Live revenue this past fiscal year at $1.1 billion, far exceeding the $800 million she estimated for the prior year. With Microsoft making such a hefty sum from their online network, it's no surprise some third parties are becoming increasingly more vocal about revenue sharing. Activision CEO Bobby Kotick claimed to the Financial Times that 60 percent of Xbox Live users were there "principally because of Call of Duty," and Activision isn't seeing a fair share of the revenue.


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