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Friday, January 22, 2010

Nintendo Downplays Lack of HD Netflix Content for Wii.

The company Netflix has confirmed it will offer it’s streaming service on the Nintendo Wii. The CEO of Nintendo Reggie Fils Amie, and CEO of Netflix Reed Hasting spoke on CNBC. Reggie stated that this will advance the Wii brand into different markets besides games. Thus this will give more entertainment options to the Wii consumer. He and Reed down played those who criticize the Wii for it’s lack of HD capabilities, and Reggie was quoted saying that “most streaming content on Netflix isn’t in HD. Besides, the 26 million units sold speak for itself” said Reggie. This explains that the consumer is more concerned about the overall entertainment value than graphics. According to Reggie, their goal at Nintendo is to make the Wii the ultimate entertainment system, by not just offering games, but movies, music, and more. The company’s biggest concern is the overall entertainment experience. Nintendo plans are to add more and more capability to the Wii system until they have exhausted all possible resources. The services will require a CD, and will cost 8.99 per mouth. The services will be available late this spring.


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