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Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Fear 2 Project Origin Review.

Fear 2 Project Origin takes place right after the first game. A short summary of the story is the super natural being Alama whose raged against those who wrong her has escalating paranormal crisis that threatens to devour and replace reality with her own. Now that's out of the way the story felt slow and boring very liner. I sometime found myself wandering around aimless, because I didn't know where to go. This is the same problem it suffers from in the first game; where it keeps you in the same poorly texture background area for hours at a time. And as far as the ending goes well just beat the game or just watch it on YouTube. It's the worst sickest and dumbest, soft core porn ending I ever seen. Let's just say it involves a chair a lot of moaning in the background with a jealous Ex boyfriend trying to kill you. Now the shooting in the game felt very accurate, precise and because of this I found myself rarely using the slo-mo feature. Especially with the automatic weapons. The kick back unlike in a large majority of FPS is very soft. So I rarely miss a target thus no need for the slo-mo feature. Also the A.I in the game isn't as intelligent as the previous game and its down right atrocious and predictable. I went the entire game using the same tactic; two grenades take cover shoot. It just lacks the creativity of the first game, and that was why I enjoy the first games so much it was very pretensions. Most fights I encounter the A.I used no real strategic or common sense they didn't make any attempt to try to out flak me or out mauve me. Most of the time the A.I just ran for cover, and it was a matter of time before they pop there head up.then shoot its over, and this how I played the entire game. Finally I know this is going to sound audacious, but I prefer the graphics of the first game, and I don't mean this in a fallacious way fear 2 is very pulchritudinous. The lighting texture and NPC models, and everything else in the game render beautifully. But it lacks a fundamental element that the first game had which was destructible backgrounds. In the the first game the aftermath of encounter looked like a gun fight took place with paper, and other debirs scatted about on the floor. Chairs and tables flip over, light fixture hanging off the wall, broken glass from Windows, and bullet holes in the wall. In Fear 2 when you survive a heavy shootout it doesn't show the room or area looks the same. It's a folderol comment to make I know, but I'll put it like this when it come down to graphics the first Fear looks like a p.c game trying to run on the Xbox360 were as Fear 2 looks like a Xbox360 game. Over all I enjoyed the experience, and one of the best new shooters out now.......
Rating (8)


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